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Taiwan Tech Trek 2010

本年度「2010科技台灣探索(Taiwan Tech Trek 2010,又名『候鳥計畫』)」開始報名囉!

n 申請時間:2010115201028

n 全面採線上報名,網址: ;或國科會首頁( 科技台灣探索(候鳥計畫) 選項。


2005年 起,我國行政院國家科學委員會為增進新世代海外台裔學生對台灣的瞭解、協助國內科技產業及研究機構儲備海外人才,並促進海內外青年的交流合作,特設置「科 技台灣探索(候鳥計畫)」,專案安排候鳥學員於暑期在台灣研習之機會。提供實習之單位包括臺灣的政府機關、學術研究機構及民營企業單位等。本年實習期間全 程八週,包括第一週為期五天(62973)的團體活動及其後七週(75821)之實習活動、實習成果發表會及頒獎暨歡送茶會等。

Taiwan Tech Trek 2010

The Taiwan Tech Trek 2010 (TTT2010) will open shortly for online applications:

· Application period: From 15th of January until 8th of February 2010

· Online application only at:

The TTT2010 is searching for approximately 200~250 outstanding Taiwanese youths. Successful candidates will participate in a 5-day group orientation (29 June ~ 3 July 2010) and, following this, a seven-week subsidized internship at several host institutes in Taiwan (5 July ~ 21 August 2010). At the end of the program, interns will have to present the results of their work at an academic conference. For further information, please refer to the following website: .

The Taiwan Tech Trek (TTT) programme was set up by the National Science Council, Taiwan in 2005. It provides a unique opportunity for Taiwanese youths, from both Taiwan itself and overseas, to gain an 8-week summer internship or research experience. These internships will take place throughout Taiwan; in top research institutes, high-tech companies, renowned universities, and world-famous science parks.

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