Monday, 26 January 2009

[ 活動 ] Asian Food Festival

Annual special spring festival event –
27th of Jan @ 5pm Main Dining Hall

Dear students,
Do you ever feel that you are missing out on occasions where you can taste local delicacies when studying aboard? Or do you feel like you are a naturally talented chef just waiting to be uncovered by the rest of your colleagues? Well, no matter who you are, on the 27th of January 5pm in IC-Main Dining Hall (TUESDAY Tomorrow), you will be able to enjoy a brand new experience of fun and delicious food, at the annual ASIAN FOOD DAY!

There will be over 60 Types of Asian Food and drinks on sale at a very low price tomorrow afternoon. This includes Japanese Sushi, Sweets and Rice balls as well as Korean Styled beef, Kimchi. Many many other Chinese DimSum and drinks will also be available for sale!

Think you have the biggest appetite at Imperial? Come along and compete! There will be a Mr/Miss BIG APPETITE contest, in which over £100 worth of prizes can be will be awarded to the fastest competitor with the biggest appetite for either food or drink. The rules for the competition are as follows:

Drinking Relay Competition Game Rule:
1. 5 people as a team and finish up their own cup of drinks in order.
2. Team less than 5 can still play but they still need to drink 5 portions of drinks.
3. The fastest team finishes all drinks wins.
4. You can only start to drink after your teammate has finished their drink and reversed their cup on the top of their head.
5. Any spillage or leaking will result in disqualification.
6. Any teams that get into the final will need to play the game again.

Eating Competition Game Rule:
1. The person who eats most pork buns in 3 minutes wins.
2. Any waste of food will result in disqualification.
3. One game only, no final round.

Please register your interest with as soon as possible!
Thanks and see you all there!
CSSA-IC, Chinese Society, Taiwanese Society

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